What makes our BRAND AWESOME?

AWESOME BRAND embodies a sustainable but stylish approach. Every purchase is an experience based on our brand values:

We are committed to fair working conditions and work with manufacturers who understand their craft in order to preserve craftsmanship. We work exclusively with manufacturers who meet our sustainability requirements and live up to our high standards. For our customers, this puts responsible consumption into action in style.

You get what you pay for

If you want products that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, traded fairly and, at best, produced regionally, you should not look at the price when buying. If the price is particularly low, you should think about it because most likely someone else will pay the price. 

In love with sustainable luxury

Our products are epic but also ethic. Let's take our natural soap as an example:

AWESOME SOAP is not just a bar of soap, but the embodiment of sustainability: we work with a regionally based soap manufacturer, keeping transport distances particularly short and CO2 emissions low, and ship worldwide exclusively with DHL GoGreen. For these lovingly handmade natural soaps, only high-quality oils from controlled organic cultivation are used. The fragrances were specially created by perfumers and of course all formulas are laboratory-tested, free of animal testing and free of harmful substances. Plastic is a foreign word for us, we pack as environmentally friendly as possible and you will also save a lot of plastic by using it. Together we free this planet from unnecessary plastic waste!

Stock up and save on shipping

All products with the AWESOME BRAND label are made especially for people who value sustainability and love luxury, because sustainability and luxury are not contradictory. Our product range is the best proof that you can have both. 
You get to enjoy products that are sometimes subject to a long waiting period or even difficult to get hold of and at the same time support smaller manufactories. 

To stay with AWESOME SOAP as a good example: Every soap takes time, at least four weeks. To ensure that your sustainably produced luxury soap always arrives fresh and blows your mind right away, we produce in small batches and send them your way as quickly as possible. Thus, it may happen that a product is temporarily out of stock. Instead of having an excessive amount of products in stock we prefer to produce when there is a demand. The wait will be worth it. Go get 'em!